The Hollywood Ecologist: Bringing Science and Entertainment Together

Mission: To provide accurate information to producers, directors, actors and writers on everything science! (because you really don’t want to trust the internet, do you?)

I work in both science and the entertainment industry. I know that we occasionally need someone who can answer a quick question to solve a problem in production whether it arises in the story, a scene, a character, set design, dialog, or location. I will provide answers to your burning questions whether for a specific project or just because you want to know.

Are you developing a character, working on a fictional scene, or stumped over a location?

Ask me!

Did you drop your characters into a wilderness area you have never visited, say the middle of the Amazon or an island in the Pacific or the Rift Valley in Kenya?

I fix scenes!

Do you have a made-up world where the laws of physics are similar to Earth’s, but you can’t seem to figure out how to make it work in your world?

Just Ask!

Are you in the media or working on a documentary and need some facts checked?

Let me know!

Or maybe you just don’t have time to look something up and you want me to do I for you?

No problem!

It’s all Ecology, Baby!

Ask about anything in the natural world, including:

  • Biology (all animals, behavior, botany, biophysics, zoology, medicine, microbiology, evolution, genetics)
  • Earth Science (geology, geography, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, soils, vulcanology)
  • Environment (biodiversity, conservation, sustainability, climate change)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Social Sciences (indigenous peoples, human behavior and societies)
  • Scientific method

I have connections all over the world. If I can’t get you an answer, I can connect you with someone or an organization that can!