About the Hollywood Ecologist

Laura K. Marsh working on a script in
her Amazon Base Camp, Ecuador
Photo by Cindy Thorstad

Laura K. Marsh has degrees in:

  • Tropical Ecology (Ph.D. from Washington U. in St. Louis)
  • Anthropology (M.A. from Washington U. in St. Louis)
  • Ethological Ecology (M.A. from San Francisco State U.)
  • Animal Behavior/Biology (B.S. from UC Davis)
  • English Minor (at UC Davis)

* For more information, request the full C.V.!

Expertise in:

  • Global climate change
  • All ecological, environmental, and biological sciences
  • Indigenous peoples around the world
  • Old and New World tropics
  • General sciences
  • National laboratories and Department of Energy
  • Primates and animal behavior
  • Screenwriting
  • Children’s books
  • Scientific literature and publishing
  • Bird watching
  • Plant and animal taxonomy
  • Plant uses around the world
  • Comic books (I own a shop)
  • Wetlands and watersheds
  • Quantitative Habitat Analysis
    (QHA developed as a Post-Doctoral study at Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • University structure and politics
  • Bushmeat and wildlife hunting
  • Zoos and botanical gardens

Laura K. Marsh is currently working as:

  • Director, Global Conservation Institute
    Present project: A Taxonomic Review of the Saki Monkeys, Genus Pithecia.
    This work based on Marsh’s discovery of a new saki monkey species in the Ecuadorian Amazon in 2001.
  • Screenwriter.
    Project queries to:
    Dan Halsted, MANAGE-MENT
    8330 W. 3rd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Phone: 323-651-2460
    Fax: 323-651-2480
  • Fiction writer. Various projects including novels, children’s books and poetry.
  • Non-fiction writer. Under contract for Primates in Fragments II
    Previous publications (for journal articles, please see c.v.): Primates in Fragments
  • Owner, True Believers Comics & Gallery
  • Journal Reviews. Professional editing of peer-reviewed science articles